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AMINE, the Angers-based rapper who has been on the rise for the past six months, will release his track ‘Miyet’ on Friday, June 30.He will be doing this together with the duo ‘Dr. Yaro & La Folie’, who together have already racked up tens of millions of views and streams, have been knocking on musical doors in France for 2 years and are slowly but surely emerging as major artists. SRNO took on the production and delivered a super strong beat that AMINE and Dr. Yaro & La Folie were able to go all out on! AMINE has already released two real bangers since his debut in May 2021. He released his track ‘Bulldo’ where he actually came in like a bulldozer, and his second track ‘Mafiosa’ was a French-Spanish collaboration with rapper ‘Bouzza’ from Madrid. Both tracks already have over 100,000 views on YouTube and are also well listened to on streaming services. This already earned AMINE some notoriety.

Miyet is an Arabic term for the feeling one has when they are really done with the world. The feeling that prevails when you don’t know what to do anymore, when you are completely exhausted and it seems like there is no one who understands you. In short, you’re actually done with everything and everyone. AMINE shows on this track that he is more than a “rapper from the street” and can also make very strong melodic tracks for a much wider audience. He really shows a different side of himself than we have heard from so far. Additionally, there could not have been a better addition to the track than Dr. Yaro & La Folie, who can convey a pretty serious theme in a very relaxing and vibey way. AMINE shows with this track that he also has it in him to make typical French urban/pop tracks. The music video completely connects to the story behind the track. AMINE can be seen on the street in which the surroundings are blurred and his environment flashes around him in a blur. The clip closes with AMINE running on his way to ……

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