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After having released the numerous singles, the wait is finally over. The AVALON FAMILY Album is finally here! The album truly contains music for everyone: from raw rap (NAHNAH) to Dutch pop (TRANEN) and from club guns (TIPSY) to Arabic music (Wayak). Everyone’s contribution on this album is of an unprecedented level! Cry’s verse on “DBPAOMG” is incredible, Djass is rapping away on EDM/House “GHELINA” and Hansie bringing a touch of R&B vibes to “MAIN ONE”.

The entire album can be listened to from today via one of your favourite streaming services:

The album came about through a writers’ camp with all the Avalon artists. For an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at this camp, we released a 3-part series on our YouTube channel, watch episode 1 now by clicking here.

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