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Hit after hit after hit. Jayh Jawson would have been the last to expect this if you had said it to him at the beginning of his career.

The Amsterdam born came into contact with music at a young age through church, where he learned to play piano and bass guitar. He started singing in 2002, when he came up with a demo chorus for THC’s rap legend Rocks and sang it with the idea that it would later be sung by someone else. Rocks, however, decides to keep Jayh’s vocals, giving Jayh the feeling that he should do more with them.

As a producer, he hits the spot: together with Reverse, he produces (and raps) the soundtrack for the film “Het Schnitzelparadijs”. This resulted in the mega-hit “Wat Wil Je Doen” by The Partysquad. He also contributed to the albums of Lange Frans and Baas B (Verder) and Dio (Rock&Roll).

In 2008, Jayh released his first own product. In collaboration with DJ MBA, he released the free mixtape “”. The songs “Mijn Baby” and “Delilah” became hits on various Urban radio stations. Due to his choice of Dutch R&B, Jayh became a crowd favourite and started getting regular bookings. Signing a record deal with Top Notch and millions of views on the music videos for Mijn Baby en Mijn Hossel, Jayh is able to fully focus on his career. He re-released the ”” mixtape with remixes, extra guest cuts and four new tracks. In addition, he is fully committed to making his official debut album “Jayh Jawson”. In between, he often works on productions of his colleagues. You can hear him on the Top 40 hits Ride and Ik ga Hard by The Partysquad.

The long-awaited debut album is a reflection of the album title: Jayh stands for soulful ballads and smooth songs like “Mijn Alles”, “Neem ‘T” and “Druppeltjes”. On the other hand, Jayh Jawson is raw, energetic and lusty, which can be heard in such songs as “Never Nooit Vriendje” and “Sowieso”. The first single from the album – Crazy – was used as the title song for the feature film “De President”.

After this, Jayh needed a break to think about his own career. In the meantime he continued to work together with, among others, The Partysquad for the club classic “Helemaal Naar De Klote”. The last collaboration with Top Notch was also the most successful; the song “Mooie Dag” was picked up by national radio stations and had more than 18 million views on YouTube.

After this, Jayh decided to work with Avalon Music and slowly started releasing music again. He released “Ik heb je”, “Hoe laat” and “Ballon”. He also contributed to Zefanio’s “Geen Regels” album and collaborated with SBMG, Frenna, Jonna Fraser and producer Monsif. In October 2016, Jayh Jawson collaborates with AmsterdamSoundSystem for the title track of the feature film “Soof 2”, called “Jodge Me Niet”.

In the fall of 2016, Jayh releases the single “Volgende Stap” as an announcement of his second album “Ik Leef”. The album features several collaborations such as Shanee, Sevn Alias, F1rstman and Lijpe. After being blessed with a son in the spring of 2017, Jayh can once again be found in the studio in all his spare hours.