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Born in Amsterdam and raised in the Kraaiennest neighborhood, a neighborhood that in recent years has emerged as a breeding ground full of musical talent, Jabron became the person he is today. Ever since he was a little boy he had been making music, at the time still secretly and a little too shy to share it with others.
He started producing music in his room and after a while he jumped behind the mic himself. Thus, he soon learned to do everything himself. He started writing lyrics to his own beats, lyrics that were about his experiences, his struggles, his happiness and his sadness.

It is only logical that Jabron is an artist who can be described as diverse and all-round. His examples are also creative multi-talents. As a young boy he looked up to Michael Jackson and Chris Brown, both extremely talented artists with many different qualities. Jabron tells his musical story in a Pop/RnB style.
He has also shown his qualities in other genres such as Dancehall, Afro, Soul and even rap! After doing some big projects as a producer, both nationally and internationally, it’s now time for Jabron to step up and take the stage himself!