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DJEZJA (Karim Fatheddine, 1994) has been on the Dutch scene for quite a few years now, with his own unique aggressive style and short-tempered flow. DJEZJA’s track record consists of the well-known aggressive street-raps and melodic, poppy hip-hop tracks. It is his versatility that has earned him tens of millions of streams to date.

In 2017, DJEZJA presented his first musical projects to the world. The EP’s ‘Djezja’ and ‘Geen Regels’, are projects where DJEZJA collaborates with artists like Kevin, Josylvio and Henkie T. The track ‘Interessant’ in collaboration with Boef is also on the ‘Geen Regels’ record. A track that received high praise and has now reached gold status.

In 2019 DJEZJA will release his follow-up album ‘Ogen Op Mij’. An EP with again high-profile collaborations with artists like Jayh and 3robi. It is also the EP that spawned DJEZJA’s biggest hit ‘Za3ma’, featuring multi-platinum producer Yung Felix. In the meantime, ‘Za3ma’ has also acquired gold status. In addition to his own projects, in 2019 DJEZJA contributed to Bizzey’s album called ‘November’ and joined forces with SRNO and 3robi, on the now gold certified single ‘3chiri’.

The following year, DJEZJA saw his new EP ‘Je Suis’ released. The EP, which included the well-received single ‘Parkeer’, was at the time the Utrecht rapper’s last achievement for the time being. Meanwhile DJEZJA has chosen a new path and joined Avalon Music. The track ‘Non Stop’ is the starting shot of this new phase and emphasizes that he is far from finished with the scéne and the scéne neither with DJEZJA.